Real Estate Law

Amudi Law provides real estate legal services including review and negotiation of commercial real estate documents, litigation related to real estate contracts, and defense of grievances and complaints against real estate brokers.

Unlike many firms, we offer transparent pricing on services related to commercial and residential leases. We can review an existing lease, draft a new lease, or even negotiate lease terms on your behalf.

Commercial Leases

Whether you are renting a storefront for your consumer-facing business or an office for you and your employees, Amudi Law can help make sure you don’t sign anything without fully understanding what it means for you and your business.

If you’ve already signed a commercial lease and are having trouble with your landlord, Amudi Law can represent you and work to resolve any commercial lease disputes.

Residential Leases

Not only can Amudi Law review and draft commercial leases, we also work with individuals who are leasing homes or apartments. Before you sign anything, have an experienced attorney review your lease to make sure you don’t run into any unexpected issues.